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Live Music

Are you interested in performing at the Utah Summer Dance Festival?  Please contact us at



Check out some of our previous performers!


Kairo by Night

"There exists a moment in time where boundaries melt; performers and audience become one in a shared experience of music, timeless, haunting, seductive, beating as one heart - Music of the Middle East
- Kairo by Night."

Kairo by night was formed in 1986 by musicians who had performed in the Salt Lake area for several years as accompaniment for the Aziz Dance Company.  KBN has since built a repertoire of Mid-Eastern and North African music ranging from the sophisticated music of the Egyptian cabaret to the earthy folk styles of the Maghreb, from modern Arabic popular music to original compositions and improvisational styles using traditional quarter-tone maqams.

The recordings of KBN, appreciated by both Western and Mid-Eastern audiences, have been sold in such diverse places as Australia, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Argentina, and Brazil as well as throughout the U.S.

The bands recordings include Kairo by Night Vol. 1, Kairo by Night Vol. 2, both of which are available on cassette, and Hadiya and Lahadat available on CD.




Tarek Omar and Rajab Juma have been playing Middle Eastern music at private parties and public festivals in Utah for over twenty-five years. They play versatile types of music ranging from old traditional Arabic and North African songs to more contemporary styles.

Tabla Arabia

Tabla Arabía (pronounced TAH-blah ah-rah-BEE-ah) literally means "Arabic drum". Tabla Arabía is Bryan Bale, Roger Hoffman and Joe Sine have been a favorite at many belly dance events in Utah since 2006. Visit them on Facebook at Tabla Arabia.

Tabla Arabia

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