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Special thanks to our partners for sponsoring this special event and helping us to keep it free to the public. 

Utah Summer Dance Festival is a 501(c3) Non Profit making your donation tax deductible

Desert Journey offers a variety of instructional classes designed to take you through the journey from Beginning to Advanced Belly Dance, from Egyptian to Tribal Fusion, with variety of Technique classes and Specialty courses, and several opportunities to perform for those interested.

Desert Journey is located at 1367 So. Major Street in SLC, UT

Shahravar is an enchanting master performer and bellydance teacher including Egyptian, Saudi and Lebanese folkloric dances. With over 28 years experience teaching Middle eastern dance & Pilates, she is also a respected fitness instructor with a diverse background. Shahravar has performed thousands of shows across the country. Shahravar is famed for her skill with swords and veils.

Courtney "Kitty" Montgomery

"Kitty" is a key founder in the SLC Bellydance world and a strong support not only of the Utah Summer Dance Festival, but our community!  Not only is she diverse in her dance repertoire, she is also acts as an emcee for so many of our performances. She is "The Voice" of Utah Bellydance.

Salt City Tribal by Melody Amina is the heart of American Tribal Style Bellydance in Salt Lake City. She offers several classes each week. You can also check her out on Facebook.


For several years now, Jalasraya has raised money through Facebook by gathering donations on behalf of the Utah Summer Dance Festival for her birthday!  She continues to grow our dance community inviting everyone she knows into our dance family and continues to support the Festival!


A very special THANK YOU to Michael Aaron of Q Salt Lake Magazine wrote an article for the Utah Summer Dance Festival spotlighting the festival!  Visit

Pretty in Yellow

This could be you!

We need Valiant individuals and businesses to help us present this free festival each year.  We need donations of goods, services and even monetary sponsorship as well.  Become a sponsor today with your tax deductible donation!

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